Friday, July 27, 2012

Less Than 48hrs Of Conference Jealousy Left To Go...

Can someone please tell me what happened to Thursday? I know I left it somewhere. Can't seem to find it now. But hey, at least I got a few words down in the WIP. That's something, right?

Me & Abbey in San Fancisco
So there are less than 48hrs remaining for me to be jealous of everyone at the RWA conference in Anaheim. If memory serves, by this stage of the week I'd be flagging, my bad leg would have swollen to twice its normal size, I'd need about a weeks sleep, but I'd be determined not to miss a single moment. Tonight's Harlequin Party usually serves as an excellent pick-me-up with authors and editors alike dancing until the wee small hours and plenty of amusing photographs to remind us of the event. A favourite memory of mine involves Abbey Green and a man in a kilt and in the words of Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that...

On the business side of things today is the Harlequin Spotlight when they bring us up to date on all their plans and the things they're looking for from authors. I'll be re-Tweeting all the news I can find on Twitter and since it was already mentioned at the RNA conference I fully expect there to be an announcement about the RIVA/KISS lines, so watch out for that!

As always, if anyone has any questions they want to ask let me know in the comments and don't forget the book giveaway in the last blog. With no questions to answer today, I'll skip straight to the links and get back to work.

Today's schedule at the Romance Divas NGTCC:


Panel: A Year in the Life of a Self-Published Romance Author (with Cate Rowan, Tawny Stokes aka Vivi Anna, Tori Scott, and Anthea Lawson) (continued)


Workshop: Setting Up Mailchimp (with Jeanette Murray) (continued)


Workshop/Q&A: The Man’s Perspective (with David Bridger) (continued)


Workshop/Q&A: The NSFW Man’s Perspective (with David Bridger) (continued)


Event: Accepting pitches of 250 words. (with editors Kris Keesler and Jill Lumber of Boroughs Publishing Group)


Workshop/Conversation: Choose Your Own Ending: Laughter or Tears


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See you tomorrow gang and then it's back to our usual weekly service!

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