Saturday, September 1, 2012

Riva Relaunch and How YOU Can Help Make It A Success!

Since today marks the offical re-launch of Riva online at the Mills & Boon site before it hits ebook sellers and WHSmith in October, I thought I'd surface from the writing cave (and take a breather from the book from hell) to bring you the lowdown.

With the makeover complete and a brand new App for you to play with on Facebook (look out for the competition!) the books are available to order as of RIGHT NOW. There will be Blogs from the editors throughout September, Love Bites telling you what they thought of the books on Youtube and you can find links to all your favorite authors on Twitter and Facebook, too. While some of the books (like mine) are re-releases, some are brand spanking new, so if you've been missing your monthly Riva fix what are you waiting for?

Why are there re-releases, you ask? Well, the theory is the books selected by the editors sum up what they consider the 'flavour' of Riva and since they're targeting new readers as well as our faithful followers, the hope is the new covers will encourage people to pick them up if they've hadn't done so already. And this, my dear peeps, is where YOU can help make this re-launch a success!

If a Riva rocked your world, let us know on your blog or Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads/Shelfari/Tumblr/Facebook, etc. pages. You can tell us what you loved, write a review, share pics of how you thought the characters looked or even add to the stories with a little imagination of your own. Show us how you'd dress them, where you'd send them on a date, what you'd cook for them or what kind of wedding they might have-the sky is the limit! If you're smarter than me (which let's face it wouldn't be all that difficult) you could even come up with one of those list thingies where you tag people and ask them to make their own list on the same subject.

These days word of mouth from a reliable source is the best form of advertising out there. Just look to 50 Shades for the proof! So if Riva Rocks Your World let us know and together we can make sure there are plenty more books to come...

And on that note I'm going back to the cave to continue fighting the good fight with Reid Brannigan's story. More links to come on the subject of the Riva re-launch fun as and when I get them and if you have Blogs, Tweets, etc. to share on your favorite books let me know in the comments and I'll add them to the Behind The Scenes Blog I promised for Jo from New York's Finest Rebel!