Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Decade In Publishing: Happy Anniversary To Me!

 In April 2003, I was a brand spanking new author with my very first book on the shelf. Exciting times, my friends!

I can remember every step which led up to the release of The Bridal Bet. It went something like this:

I posted my partial and synopsis in October of 2001 (a first submission, so I never expected anything but a rejection in reply). The request for the full manuscript arrived on Christmas Eve and was the best present, ever! Or so I thought.  Next up were three rounds of revisions which I tackled with a mixture of blind terror and eagerness to please. When I didn't hear anything for several weeks after posting the last set in, I naively made a phone call, thinking someone on the reception desk could check on a computer to see if it had been rejected yet. I can remember my heart stopping when they put me through to the EDITOR who was working on it with me. Never a large hole in the ground when a gal needs one, is there? Thankfully she was very understanding and said while she hadn't read the last revisions, she'd get back to me real soon. 

*gulp* O-kay...

Considering I was still waiting for a rejection, I wasn't expecting a phone call. But you can imagine my panic when I missed one from M&B on my mobile. Surely they wouldn't call me to say it had all been a huge mistake, would they?! It was a Friday. At half past five. I couldn't go the whole weekend without knowing! So I called them back and prayed there would be someone in the office. There was! And what's more,  the lovely editor I'd spoken to before offered to call me back so we could chat. When she did, she said the magic words 'We'd like to buy your manuscript' and I screamed so loud I'm pretty certain I perforated her eardrum. Then I cried. Then I gushed about how long I'd wanted it and she had no idea what it meant to me. And I thanked her. LOTS. Then cried some more.

Being a writer was a dream I'd put aside while I went out into the world and had real jobs. Yet a year after that phone call, I was standing in a bookshop in Cork, looking at MY NAME on MY BOOK. When I told the lady at the till it was my book she said, no it's not, not till you buy it.

Ahhh, sweet memories... I really had no idea what was headed my way!

A lot has changed in the ten years since that little book hit the shelves. So what I thought I'd do from now till the end of the month is take a little retrospective look at some of the mistakes I've made and the things I've (theoretically!) learned. There may even be a Blog or two dug up from the archives. You just never know! The trip down memory lane starts Monday, so hopefully I'll see you then.

Happy Anniversay Ryan & Molly!